Share offer extended

Although we received a lot of applications in the last 2 weeks and got to the respectable sum of £339,050 we did not reach our £800,000 target by the intended end date so we are extending the share offer until 31 July (as provided for in the share offer document). We are supporting the extension with a new marketing campaign (and budget) – expect to see us at shows and other events and in the press soon. All existing share applications remain valid of course. This extension does not affect the timescale for the turbine erection – the turbine is being built as we speak and will be ready for Autumn installation.

We know a lot of people are waiting to see if the project is really going ahead before investing – over 500 share offers have been downloaded and another 500 hard copies given out locally.

So we’d like everyone to know that we are serious, we have put a £150,000 downpayment on the turbine, the project is definitely going ahead – please join us!