Turbine ordered

We’re very pleased to say that we have now ordered our turbine from WTN and paid a sizeable deposit so that manufacture can start at their factory in Germany.

This was possible because all the Pioneer shares have now been allocated  – many thanks to our pioneer members who will be receiving their share certificates shortly.

All in all we have sold just over 200,000 shares to date, with applications now starting to come in thick and fast as the deadline looms – just 2 weeks to go! EIS tax relief at 30% is still available – invest £1000 and in the case of most taxpayers you get £300 back from the taxman – and keep your 1000 shares.

Meanwhile our friends at Dingwall are in the throes of installing their turbine – the same WN 250 model as ours – it ought to be spinning in a matter of days, if the rain and wind will just hold off a little!